Rekunow Dojo in Huntington Beach

Are you looking to learn the art of Gull Contact Karate, Kickboxing and Self-defense in Huntington Beach? Look no further than Rekunow Dojo in Huntington Harbour Athletic Club. With experienced instructors and a welcoming community, Rekunow Dojo is the perfect place to begin your martial arts journey.

What is Full Contact Karate?

Full contact karate, also known as Shin Karate, is a style of martial arts that emphasizes realistic fighting scenarios. Unlike traditional karate, Full Contact Karate allows full force strikes and kicks to the body, head, and legs. It is a physically demanding and challenging form of martial arts that requires discipline, strength, and endurance.

Why Choose Rekunow Dojo?

Rekunow Dojo in Huntington Harbour Athletic Club is dedicated to providing high-quality Full Contact Karate training in a safe and supportive environment. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Rekunow Dojo:

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have years of experience in Full Contact Karate and are passionate about helping students reach their full potential. They will guide you through the techniques, provide personalized feedback, and ensure that you progress at your own pace.

Welcoming Community

At Rekunow Dojo, we believe in fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, you will find a supportive group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to their training and helping each other grow.

Focus on Technique and Safety

We prioritize technique and safety in our training sessions. Our instructors will teach you proper form and execution of techniques to minimize the risk of injury. They will also provide guidance on conditioning exercises to improve your strength and flexibility, ensuring that you are well-prepared for full contact sparring.

Variety of Training Options

Rekunow Dojo offers a variety of training options to suit different needs and schedules. Whether you prefer group classes or one-on-one sessions, we have options available for you. Our flexible class timings make it easier for students to find a time that fits their busy schedules.

Begin Your Full Contact Karate Journey Today

If you are ready to start your full contact karate journey, Rekunow Dojo in Huntington Beach is the place to be. Join our community of dedicated martial artists and experience the physical and mental benefits of Full Contact Karate. Contact us today to schedule your first class or to learn more about our training programs.

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